About Scents-U-All: From the Owner

I intuit clients' different needs to make a unique scent for each person. Through research and experience meeting a wide variety of women and men from different cultures and backgrounds, each with their own taste and style, I have been extensively challenged to create a collection of perfumes designed to meet the needs of each client. I have hundreds of scents that promote good moods, etc., and have learned how smells can also close people down through sense-memory associations, etc. I have studied the close reltionship between scents and mood, i.e. calming, exhilarating, etc. I also take into account for different zodiac signs and some lifestyles such as chain smokers and heavy meat eaters. I have made individualized scents that match perfectly with various hopes and desires of my clients, such as the extremely impatient, clingy and lonely, looking for love, or seeking to love oneself. Blends are recorded and re-blended upon your request.

I have been working with oils since 1991 and opened my retail store on Haight in 1993. I sold gifts and cents while maintaining a safe and friendly atmosphere for dialogue. I hope to coordinate my online business Scents-U-All with the concerns and ideas of my customers, the neighborhood residents and anyone who is inclined to share. I want the online store to be an extension of our community. Often two interests take us in two different directions or one interest doesn't pay the bills, or our job takes time from what we would really want to be doing. This website is an attempt to combine my interests and share them and learn from you.

Please note: if you want to place an order, please send the details via e*mail. If you'd like to visit the store, please call and make an appointment. Times are VERY flexible.

About Perfumes and Essential Oils

Perfume and Essential Oils can bring us back to our primal being, to a meditative state. Adorning oneself with a good smell is a great ritual. It's like a flower that grows and the colors alone do not allure but also the smell that eminates from them.

Essential oils are like an array of musical notes derived from nature, and essential oils carry with them molecules of the particular plant matter from which they are derived. It is a lot of energy to be a smell. For instance, it takes 3,000 pounds of Jasmine flowers to make one ounce of oil.

Recorded history makes many references to the use of oils during Eygptian, Hebrew, and Indian times. Oils were used for prayer, relaxation, covering up unpleasant odors, disinfecting, preserving, and alluring.

Some plants are full of volatile oils and some plant matter is not, thus the differences in costs for different oils. There are different distillation processes for different plant matter. A volatile oil is the part of plant matter that holds the smell and it is volatile because it can easily evaporate once it unites with oxygen and heat from your skin.

The Importance of Oils

Have you ever smelled something that reminded you of your past, made you feel as if it became the present moment in just less than a second - sometimes wonderful memories and sometimes not so pleasant memories?

The earth is full of pleasant smells and not so pleasant ones, and obviously there are individual preferences to smells. Human beings and animals, without language, need a way to communicate with each other and the plant world. Smell directs us to food and to plants for healing. Smell also notifies us what to stay clear of. Animals can smell predators and certain smells ward off danger. Smells are used to create boundaries. Flowers attract bees which pollinate our trees, so we can eat fruit. Smell lures the olfactory palate to inspire us to eat, to walk, to relax, and to work.

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